The story behind SuperCoucou

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At first it was just an idea...

An idea brought upon by a group of people who live for adventure, challenges, and learning. However, living in a monetized society, we noticed that travel has become a bit bland. You book your ticket, you fly, you look at things other people tell you to look at and then you're back to the same old life.

We know from personal experience that through travel you might meet your best friend or the love of your life, and stereotypes and boundaries are broken.What we try to do here is give YOU a chance to do just that -

flock together, fly away and create memories!

Customizing Your Trip

Because every person is unique, we decided to give you the ability to modify almost every aspect of your journey. We want your trip to be tailored to fit the experiences that you'd love to have!
Customizing Your Trip Customizing Your Trip

Travel with Friends & Family

Some of the best memories we have are the trips we take with our loved ones. We give you the option to create your ideal trip and book it with others. Whether you're a group of adrenaline junkies, foodies or simply explorers, we will give you the experiences and memories of a lifetime.
Travel with Friends and Family Travel with Friends and Family

Finding Things to do Once You Get There

The difference between a traveler and a tourist is that travelers don't just settle down once reaching their destination. Instead, they love to immerse themselves in the culture of any place they visit to get the best out of their trip. We want you to see the real thing, not just things meant for tourists, but actually get into the culture of your chosen destination and have a fun filled trip.
A real traveler A real traveler

Manage Payments, Make Trips Cheaper and Easier to Pay For

Calculating and recalculating different prices to fit your budget is one of the most frustrating and discouraging aspects of planning a trip. Well, that's no longer an issue with SuperCoucou!
Cheaper Trips and Easy to Pay For Cheaper Trips and Easy to Pay For

Shаге Your Experiences

Sharing your experiences comes naturally after a great trip. Now, we're giving you the option to reach out and tell the entire world! Share your stories, photos and experiences with a travel diary and let other travelers know what you're up to.
Shаге Travel Experiences Shаге Travel Experiences

Оnе Hub for All Your Travel Needs

Get access to thousands of hotels, transportation, tour operators and activity providers all in one place.
Travel information Activity Providers Transportation Travelers Hotels Tour Operators
Travel information
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We've created a nest for all you travel birds out there

A place not only meant for just booking tours, but also a place where you can find others who share your interests. A kindred spirit, someone like you, that wants to leave the mundane behind and fly off to an adventure.
That is why we want you to remember, you are the ones that put the super in SuperCoucou!