Why group trips?

Take full control of your travels with SuperCoucou’s automated group trips – specially designed to make your adventures easier, more affordable and fun in just a few simple steps!

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Check prices

Lots of packages have different prices, depending on the group size. When you open a group trip, the price you choose will determine the group size.

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Suggest package

Before opening a group trip and paying the deposit, you can suggest it to your buddies to see who wants to join.


If you're already sure that people will join your trip, you can book it right away without suggesting it first.
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Open group trip

Choose the trip details, pay a 50% deposit* and start inviting people to join. Everyone that joins would also pay a 50% deposit to reserve their spots.

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The deposit is 50% of the price per person in a double room. Different cancelation scenarios dictate the amount refunded from your deposit upon your cancelation.

100% refundable

If the group gets automatically canceled (not enough people paid their deposits).

80% refundable

If you cancel your booking before the group gets confirmed (enough people join).

100% nonrefundable

If you cancel your booking after the group gets confirmed.

Group trip dashboard

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Date of travel
Target size - Based on the price you chose when you opened the group trip.
Price - This is the price per person in a double room. The price will change if you choose single or triple rooms.
Group’s automatic completion - The group will automatically close 45 days before arrival, or when the max group size is reached. If the min group size isn’t reached 45 days before arrival, the group trip will automatically get canceled and everyone will get their deposits back.

Now you’re one step away from your adventure

Once the group closes, everyone will have 2 weeks to choose their room types and roommates. Based on the room type chosen, the remaining amount will automatically be calculated for each person.


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