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5 days


This trip is private; included guides and transportation are for you and your group only.
Departure time may be flexible depending on the visit/activity and prices usually depend on group size.
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Calling all adventure seekers out there! This is the ultimate and most complete package to the adventure and cultural highlights in of the Santander State. In this package, you will experience five days full of great joys connected to fun sport activities and discovering Santander's rich cultural heritage. Enjoy all the major activities without the hassle of finding accommodation, food or transport on this special 5-day trip! The activities consist of rafting, trekking, paragliding, and much more! You'll also visit two of the beautiful cultural spots of Barichara and Guane, go hiking and visit the Park of the mighty Chicamocha Canyon.


Day 1

San Gil

This trip with SuperCoucou starts with a hearty lunch in San Gil before you head out to Rio Fonce to go rafting. You will be told about difficulty levels that go up to 5 before continuing. This river section will have some nice rapids, but also lush ones (level 1-3) which is great for those who have their first rafting experience. Afterwards, you will head back to your hotel and enjoy a tasty dinner.

Overnight in San Gil (Lunch, Dinner).

Day 2

San Gil

After breakfast, you will have a short drive and meet your friends in Pinchote in order to do abseiling on the 80m high Juan Curí waterfall. Have your swimsuits ready because after 35m of abseiling on the steep rock you will enter the area that is directly besides a waterfall and you will get wet in the next 45m until you reach the bottom. In the course of this activity, you will also use a long zip line and a small path through the forest in order to reach the top of this waterfall. Afterwards, you will hang out in the natural pool, relax a bit and enjoy the great landscapes of Santander. In the afternoon, you will head out to Curití onto a small, windy plateau in order to test your wings. With a special parachute, designed, you will fly high up into the sky above Santander with a professional pilot. Enjoy the spectacular views as you ascend about 700m and race with the Chulos, the little cousins of the majestic condor. You may ask the pilot to do crazy stuff and see how much turbulences you can stand! This flight will take around 10-15 minutes until you reach ground again. After this long day, you will head back to your hotel and have dinner.

Overnight in San Gil (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).

Day 3

San Gil

Today, you will head out for a great adventure! You will get some quads and start racing around on one of various parks in the region. You can ask your guide to help you out with the features, and remember, this is all about having fun and enjoying the great experience! In the afternoon, you'll enjoy a tasty lunch, after which you will go to the Finca los Arrayanes in the San José Valley. From there you will be transferred to El Morro College. From there, you continue until the lake of wishes (pozo de los deseos), admiring wonderful landscapes. In a typical house, you will have some rest and enjoy some traditional drinks from the region. Back on track, you will encounter a winery called Eel Comunal" where you will have a tasting session. Later, you will arrive at a restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious local lunch from Santander state and take a bath in the fresh and crystalline waters. At the end of the day, you head back to your hotel and have dinner.

Overnight in San Gil (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).

Day 4

San Gil

The day starts with a breakfast before you go out to the neat little colonial town of Barichara, which is a national monument and close to San Gil. It offers great hikes into the valleys of Santander. You will go there to learn more about its history, visit workshops of traditional handcrafts like the one of the masons, the Aquileo Parra's (former President) house, the park of art, colonial houses and churches and a great viewpoint where you can look 400m down and to the mountains of the state. Then, you will go to Guane, an even smaller village, where you can visit the archeological museum. After lunch, you will head out to visit and hike in a cave called "La Antigua". You will climb a 7m waterfall and jump off into the dark waters. You will be able to swim around before moving forward as you count the horizontal meters that you will finish off until you see daylight again. Finally, you will go back to your hotel for a nice and well-deserved dinner.

Overnight in San Gil (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).

Day 5

San Gil

After one last breakfast, you will visit the tremendous Chicamocha Canyon which is Colombia's biggest! You can go up by  an aerial tram and once above, you can take a beautiful hike. Be amazed by the stunning landscapes and wide views. After this visit, you go back to San Gil, have lunch and say your goodbyes. We hope you enjoyed your adventure!

(Breakfast, Lunch).

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