European Awakening


23 days


This trip is shared with other travelers from SC (or its partners); included tour guides and transportation are for the entire group.
Departure time is fixed and prices are calculated based on max capacity, so they are fixed and per person.
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From Stockholm to Rome, enjoy this 23-day odyssey across Europe. On this journey you will be able to see such historical and cultural monuments as Turaida Castle, the Berlin Wall and the Coliseum!

Day 1

Transfer to hotel and spend the rest of the day at leisure. You will receive information about the start of the circuit during the afternoon or you can check the informative panels in the hotel reception area.
Overnight in Stockholm.

Day 2

Panoramic tour of this very beautiful capital built on 13 connected islands. Water is everywhere. You will see Gamla stan, its historic quarter and the Skansen museum area, as well as the broad avenues of the center. We suggest an optional visit to the city hall and the Vasa museum-ship.
Overnight in Stockholm (Breakfast).

Day 3

Stockholm - Turku
Spend the day at leisure in Stockholm. In the evening you will board a modern ferry with overnight accommodation in double cabins and a private bathroom to go to Finland.
Overnight in Turku (Breakfast).

Day 4

Turku - Helsinki
After a mesmerizing sunrise at the ship's deck, you will arrive at Finland by sailing along the Aland Islands, which are made up of hundreds of islands covered by forests. Disembark at Turku, a city with a very strong Swedish influence. You will continue your journey to the neighbor city of Naantali, a very picturesque town of wooden houses next to the sea. You will later arrive in Helsinki. Time for lunch. You will get to spend the afternoon at leisure, where you will be able to get to know this city with its old market and the Russian influence in its buildings and churches.
Overnight in Helsinki (Breakfast).

Day 5

Helsinki - Tallinn
We include a boat trip (regular line water local transport) to Suomenlinna Islands, which are six islands where a great fortress that used to protect the sea entry to the city stands and was declared a World Heritage Site. Time to stroll around; you will be able to go across islands through its small pedestrian bridges. Late afternoon you will board a ferry to Estonia. Ferry trip of around two and a half hours in duration; you will be able to admire the departure from Helsinki and the surrounding islands until you arrive at Tallinn.
Overnight in Tallinn (Breakfast).

Day 6

The capital of Estonia is a wonderful city with a well conserved medieval center. Comprehensive tour of the city, its walls, churches, squares, and its medieval streets filled with tourist attractions.  Free afternoon.
Overnight in Tallinn (Breakfast).

Day 7

Tallinn - Riga
After passing through forests and plains, you'll reach Parnu, a popular spa city. Then you will go on to Latvia. In Turaida, you'll get to visit the medieval castle, surrounded by a large park filled with sculptures. Afterwards, you'll pay a visit to Sigulda, the small, charming capital situated in a very beautiful landscape. You'll arrive at Riga in the middle of the afternoon.
Overnight in Riga (Breakfast, Lunch).

Day 8

Sightseeing tour of this capital city included. It is the most populated city of the Baltic countries, as well as the city with the most well-preserved remenants of Soviet rule. Free afternoon where an optional visit to the Central Market and the resort town of Jurmala is on offer.
Overnight in Riga (Breakfast).

Day 9

Riga - Vilnius
You will depart for Lithuania early in the morning. On your way there, you will visit the Rundale Palace, built by the same architect who designed St Petersburg’'s Hermitage Museum and filled with Baroque art. You will cross over to Lithuania. This country has a strong Catholic influence. The impressive Hill of Crosses stands as a testament to this with thousands of crosses of all sizes.  Afterwards, you will visit Trakai, a gorgeous castle located on a lake island quite close to Vilnius. Sojourn in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.
Note: Depending on the duration of sunlight, the visit to Trakai may take place on Wednesday after visiting the city.
Overnight in Vilnius (Breakfast, Lunch).

Day 10

Go on a sightseeing tour of the city, which was erected on top of seven hills much like Rome. On this tour, you'll be able to see baroque churches, the city's walls, its castle, its market streets in the center, and its 1,200 medieval houses. Spend the rest of the afternoon at leisure.
Overnight in Vilnius (Breakfast).

Day 11

Vilnius - Warsaw
You will travel to Poland. You will visit Grutas Park, known as ¨Stalin'’s World¨, a park with 86 statues from Soviet times. Lunch stop in the charming town of Augustow which is located by a lake. You will continue to the center of Poland. Arrival in Warsaw at the end of the day.
Overnight in Warsaw (Breakfast).

Day 12

Warsaw - Poznan
Morning sightseeing tour of Warsaw included. You will visit its Old Town, its Royal Castle, the Ghetto Heroes Monument, and Lazienki Park. Some free time afterwards to have lunch and stroll around. At about 15:00, you wwill leave to Pomerania. You will arrive at Poznan, a very active city with a magnificent main square and great atmosphere.
Overnight in Poznan (Breakfast).

Day 13

Poznan - Berlin
Departure early in the morning from Poznan. You will arrive in Germany. You will spend the afternoon at leisure in Berlin.
Overnight in Berlin (Breakfast).

Day 14

Go on a city tour of Berlin. You will visit the Holocaust Memorial and the Berlin Wall Museum. Ease your way into the local culture with a guided visit of Germany's incredible capital, Berlin. You will visit the historic center, Museum Island, the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gates, and the city's magnificent parks. You will continue your visit by stopping at the Holocaust Memorial and the Berlin Wall Museum. This visit will help you understand the difficult situation the city experienced during the 20thC. Time to explore the city. Enjoy an evening in the lively area of Kantstrasse, a district that offers different types of ethnic restaurants to dine in.
Overnight in Berlin (Breakfast).

Day 15

Berlin - Prague
You will journey through forests toward Dresden, a city which, due to its exceptional architectural and artistic heritage, has become one of the main tourist destinations in Germany. You will have time to explore some of the impressive palaces and to have lunch at one of its many restaurants and coffee shops. Later, you will depart for the Czech Republic.
You will arrive at Prague. At the end of the afternoon, we provide transport to take you to the  Old Town Square. This central location is full of energy and touristic activities. It’'s a marvellous place to acquaint yourselves with Prague. Several restaurants offering cuisines from around the world will be waiting to delight your taste buds, including Czech, Chinese, Indian and Italian.
Overnight in Prague (Breakfast).

Day 16

Today you will be visiting the capital city of the Czech Republic, which is known as the Baroque jewel of Europe. Your local expert will provide a guided city tour, which will include the most outstanding monuments. During the visit you will walk through Prague Castle (admission included). Subsequently, you will take a magnificent boat tour along Moldova River. Free time in the afternoon to explore Prague. In the evening, you will enjoy some time off in the historical city center and there will be an opportunity for you to enjoy cuisines from around the world.
Overnight in Prague (Breakfast).

Day 17

Prague - Innsbruck
You will leave early and travel to Bavaria, arriving at Munich during the midday. Next to the Olympiapark, you will visit the futuristic BMW Welt with its fascinating architecture and multi-use exhibition of BMW, the prestigious German vehicles brand. After that, time for lunch and a stroll in the historic center. In the afternoon you will travel to Austria.  Arrival in the evening to Innsbruck where you will have time for dinner in the Golden Roof area at the Old Town.
Overnight in Innsbruck (Breakfast).

Day 18

Innsbruck - Zurich
Begin your day by discovering the Swarovski Museum, the renowned home of crystals. You will visit its impressive gardens and learn how the pieces of crystal are produced. Then, you will take a train from Innsbruck to Zurich, an enjoyable journey of more than 3 hours through wonderful sceneries. Once you arrive in Zurich, you will enjoy an evening in the historic center next to the lake, where you can dine at a restaurant of your choosing.

Note: in some cases the journey from Innsbruck to Zurich may be done by bus arriving around about 20:00 to the hotel in Zurich.

Overnight in Zurich (Breakfast).

Day 19

Today´s route takes you across beautiful landscapes with high mountains and lakes. Breathtaking scenery in the region of Interlaken. You will have time for a coffee before taking the cable car up to Grindelwald (ticket included). You will walk along the path for about 30 minutes, in which you will be able to take the ¨footbridge over the empty¨ among the fantastic scenery and enjoy the glaciers around you. Lunch included (vegetarian option available). Afterwards, you will continue to Lucerne, one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland. Time at the end of the day to stroll, enjoy the city and dine before returning to the hotel in Zurich.
Overnight in Zurich (Breakfast, Lunch).

Day 20

Zurich - Milán
You will travel to Burglen, the tiny village where William Tell was born. Here, you will see the chapel of the 16thC with paintings illustrating William Tell's life. You will continue to Lugano, the cosmopolitan capital of the Italian Switzerland with its beautiful lake. Afterwards, following the shores of the lake, you will reach the enchanting little town of Morcote, with its houses made of stone and covered with flowers. You will then arrive in Milan where your guide will take you to the impressive Duomo Square. There will be time to dine at the Porta Venecia (Port of Venice) where an outstanding variety of restaurants can be found to delight your palate.
Overnight in Milán (Breakfast).

Day 21

Milan - Rome
Spend some time in Milan, where you can see its great cathedral and the galleries in the center. Then, you will continue towards Pisa. On a little tourist train you will travel to the Piazza Dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles), where there will be time to admire one of the most alluring and beautiful art complexes in Italy, including the well-known Leaning Tower of Pisa. Then, you will continue to Rome, arriving at the end of the afternoon.
Overnight in Rome (Breakfast).

Day 22

In the morning, you will have a scenic tour of the capital, which will be a great introduction to “The Eternal City”. You will visit the tiny state of the Vatican. Vatican City is the principle center of Catholicsm in the world. You will be able to visit St. Peter’s Basilica. Also included in the tour is an admission to the Roman Coliseum, the landmark of Rome. This impressive construction dates back 2,000 years and will transport you back in time so that you can learn about ancient society in the Roman Empire. In the evening you will be transported to the Via Cavour area, where you will find restaurants serving Italian, Indian, Chinese, and international food.
Overnight in Rome (Breakfast).

Day 23


After breakfast, end of our services.


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