Round Taiwan Island Excursion




5 days


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Tour around Taiwan Island in 5 fascinating days where you begin your adventure by admiring the natural landscape of Sun Moon Lake where you can explore the lake and learn about Buddhism in the exquisite Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Monastery. Head to Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan and observe the captivating Kenting National Park for its coral-rimmed shoreline as well as the fascinating geological features of the East Coast and Taroko National Park.

Day 1

Taipei - Nantou

You will leave Taipei City to reach your first destination, Sun Moon Lake. The poetically lake is the most famous lake attraction in Taiwan. With over 100 square kilometers, the lake got its name because the northern part of it has the shape of the sun and the southern part of it has the shape of crescent moon (those two parts are separated by Lalu Island). “Autumn Moon Scene of the Sun Moon Lake” is considered as one of the most attractive 12 sights in Taiwan. Then you will enjoy a Lake Bus tour and pass by Wen Wu Temple, Ita Thao Indigenous Village where you will find stores, restaurants, and hotels in the village, Ci'en Pagoda, a famous tower in Sun Moon Lake. Surrounding the tower are beautiful plants and trees and there are stone tables and chairs for visitors to take a rest. Finally, you will visit the serene and charming Xuanzang Temple.

Overnight in Nantou

Day 2

Nantou - Kaohsiung 

After breakfast, you will arrive at the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Museum at the north-east of Dashu Township in Kaohsiung County on the left bank of the Gaoping (Kaoping) river. There you will find the Buddhist Center of South Taiwan. The architecture of the temples is very characteristic, and at the Southeastern side of Fo Gunag Mountain (Gunag Shan) Monastery the most prominent landmark of the region is found: a huge golden statue of Buddha Amitaabha. Then you will head towards Kaohsiung where you will enjoy walking through Liuhe Tourist Night Market. No matter what you like to have, a variety of delicious food, specialties, cold drinks, ices and seafood here are offered for your choice. Just remind you, don't miss the opportunity to taste the papaya milk and steamed salty shrimps in Kaohsiung. Next, you will enjoy the magical Love River Night Scenery. 

Overnight in Kaohsiung (Breakfast)

Day 3

Kaohsiung - Taitung

During the morning, you will enjoy the breathtaking coastal landscape a the Eluanbi Light House which is one of the most recognized attractions with its splendid panorama that will leave you mesmerized, Maobitou area where exists a number of stunning scenic recreational areas that feature interesting rocky formations, rugged terrain and the beautiful skirt-like coral reef terraces that are stunning to look at. Also you will get to admire Kenting National Park which is famous for its magical coral-rimmed shoreline. The park was established on Jan. 01, 1948, and is considered Taiwan’s first National Park. The park is superbly located. Spanning the Hengchun Peninsula, it faces the Pacific Ocean to the east, the Bashi Channel to the south, and the Taiwan Straits to the west. Some of Taiwan’s largest coral reefs lie off the coast and the forests along the park’s western edge are the last of Taiwan’s coastal tropical forests. The name Hengchun Peninsula says much about the area’s attractions. ” The fantastic climate, lush forests, beaches, and reef environments make Kenting a rival to internationally famous tropical resorts like Bali and Phuket. Finally, you will head towards Taitung.

Overnight in Taitung (Breakfast)

Day 4

Taitung - Hualien 

After breakfast you will spend an exciting East Coast tour starting from the East Coast National Scenic Area (Taiwan’s Last Unspoiled Land) where you get to enjoy the fascinating landforms created by weathering and erosion. On the way you will stop at Xiaoyeliu and Sanxiantai in Taitung. The area contains several islands and a beach that stretches for ten kilometers in length and is well known for its long footbridge that connects the coast to the largest island. You will stop at Shihtiping, a little coastal scenic spot in Hualien. There you will see the unusual coastal rock formations that are naturally carved out by the erosion of the gigantic rocks by destructive ocean waves. Before you proceed to your accommodation, you will pass by a marble factory and showroom.

Overnight in Hualien (Breakfast)

Day 5

Hualien - Taipei  

Taroko National Park will be your first stop where you will observe Taroko Gorge, a narrow raving which cut deep into the spectacular mountains of solid marble created by the Liwu River. Then you will pass by Changchun Temple (Eternal Spring Shrine). Afterwards, you will visit Swallow Grotto trail which runs about a half kilometer starting from the entrance to Swallow Grotto to the Jinheng Bridge, you can enjoy the sights of the Liwu River from nearly straight above the water, the potholes on the cliff faces, the springs sprinkled along the lower parts of the walls, as well as the famous rock formation "Chieftain's profile rock". Your next stop will be at the Tienhsiang area which provides a natural stopping off point for visitors to the gorge. In addition, you will visit a Marble Factory and enjoy an amazing ride along the Su Hwa Highway and at the same time you can admire the natural mountain landscape. Finally, you will reach Taipei.

Overnight in Taipei (Breakfast)

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