6 days


This trip is private; included guides and transportation are for you and your group only.
Departure time may be flexible depending on the visit/activity and prices usually depend on group size.
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Go back in time and explore the rich history of the great country of Armenia on a journey that you will never forget. Each day you'll feel more enlightened by this country's amazing Christian heritage and experience something completely new. You'll visit iconic monasteries and temples stretching back to the first century, climb up hills and mountains, and enjoy truly breathtaking scenery by the refreshing Lake Sevan.

Day 1


Arrival at Zvartnots International Airport. You will be transferred to your hotel, and after check-in, you will have the rest of the day at leisure.

Overnight in Yerevan.

Day 2


In 2018, Yerevan celebrates its 2800th anniversary, making this year an excellent opportunity to go on a citywide tour!  First, you will visit Church of St. Hripsime, which is considered one of the oldest and most iconic of all Armenian churches. The church is dated from 7thC and is included in the UNESCO Heritage Sites List. Afterwards, you will be able to participate at the Easter service with choral singing in the Etchmiadzin Cathedral, the 4thC center of Christianity in Armenia and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On you way back, you will visit the ruins of the Zvartnots Cathedral from the 7thC, a historical reserve-museum. Then, see the ARARAT Museum of Yerevan Brandy Company where you will be able to taste their famous aged cognac in the storehouse of the company. Then, browse through the Cafesjian Center for the Arts, a gallery that has become a favorite of not just the Yerevan citizens but of guests as well, with great views of the city and Mt. Ararat (if the weather permits). Citizens of Yerevan call the gallery “Cascade”. This place is interesting both with its music-hall, various exhibition halls and outdoor demonstration hall-promenades, where you will be able to see contemporary art from all over the world.

Overnight in Yerevan (Breakfast).

Day 3


You will drive to Khor Virap monastery, a real piece of history. This was where St. Gregory was imprisoned for 13 years, left to die yet surviving only off bread that was snuck to him daily by a local woman. St. Gregory became known as the Illuminator when he later helped establish Christianity as the state religion by miraculously curing and converting the pagan King Tiridates III, and a chapel was built in his honor in the 7thC. The monastery stands before the snowcapped flanks of Mount Ararat offering astounding views of the mountain, the national symbol of Armenia. Continue to the 13thC Noravank Monastery. The monastery is located on a hill at the end of a narrow gorge, in an imposing mountain landscape with striking brick-red rock walls.

Overnight in Yerevan (Breakfast).

Day 4


Today you will make your way to Lake Sevan, a highland mountain lake with sweet water at 1,900m above sea level, which has earned the nickname “The Blue-eyed Beauty of Armenia”. After climbing 230 basalt steps, you will reach the Sevan Monastery complex, which was built in the 9thC and overlooks the lake like a towering sentinel from the top of peninsula.

After some free time, you will drive to the Kotayk province to visit the unusual architectural monument known as the Geghard Monastery, a 4thC structure that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The monastery was partially carved out of the adjacent mountain, surrounded by cliffs. The monastery had originally been named Ayrivank, meaning "The Monastery of the Cave". The name commonly used for the monastery nowadays is Geghard, or more fully Geghardavank, meaning "The Monastery of the Spear". This name came from the legendary spear, which had wounded Jesus at the Crucifixion and was said to have been brought to Armenia by Jude the Apostle. The spear now stands on display in the museum of the Etchmiadzin Cathedral. You may have the chance to observe a small concert of spiritual chants in Geghard.

Afterwards, you will visit Garni Temple at Garni village, which dates back to the 1stC. The citadel and pagan temple of Garni is a picturesque monument of the Hellenistic period and an impressive piece of ancient Armenian architecture. It is also the last and only reconstructed pagan temple in the region, dedicated to Mihr, the pagan god of sun and heavenly light from ancient Armenian mythology. It is now a historical and cultural reserve-museum, where one may admire its unique mosaic tiling and ruins.

Overnight in Yerevan (Breakfast).

Day 5


Today will be spent at leisure. You can stroll over the "painter market" near the opera house and Vernissage, where you can find homemade products, souvenirs and jewelry. You can buy Armenian fruits, homemade sweets and spices in Tashir, as well. In addition, you can spend your time like a local by scoping out the nearby cafes, restaurants and clubs.

Overnight in Yerevan (Breakfast).

Day 6


Transfer to the airport for your departure flight.


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