Wine Festival in Armenia




5 days


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Come to the Areni Wine Festival! Visit the famous landmarks of Armenia such as the Etchmiadzin Cathedral and the Khor Virap monastery, before indulging yourself at the annual Areni Wine Festival where wine producers compete and show off their wares.

Day 1

Transfer to your hotel from Zvartnots International Airport, and then spend the rest of the day at leisure.

Overnight in Yerevan.

Day 2


You will drive to the Kotayk province, where you will visit the unique Geghard monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was partially carved out of a mountain. Then, visit the historical and cultural reserve-museum Temple of Garni, the only surviving pagan structure from the 1stC. You will then return to Yerevan to go on a tour of the capital of Armenia, which is one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities.

You will then drive to Etchmiadzin, which is the spiritual center of all Armenians and where you’ll be able to find Etchmiadzin Cathedral, included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, alongside the three Churches of the Holy Virgin: The Church of Saint Hripsime, the Saint Gayane Church and the Church of Shoghakat. Afterwards, visit the Zvartnots Historical-cultural Museum-reserve to see the ruins of the Zvartnoc cathedral.

Overnight in Yerevan (Breakfast).

Day 3

Drive from Yerevan to the 7thC Khor Virap monastery located at the Ararat valley. This monastery is one of the most popular destinations in Armenia for a number of reasons. Admire the beautiful view of the Biblical Mountain Ararat from there. Continue your way to the colorful narrow gorge in the Vayots Dzor, made by Amaghu River. The gorge is known for its tall, sheer, brick red cliffs, directly across from the medieval monastery there. Explore Areni-1 cave where a stunningly preserved 5,500-year-old leather moccasin was recently found. Archaeologists have also unearthed a wine press for stomping grapes, fermentation and storage vessels, drinking cups, and withered grape vines, skins, and seeds there. You will then have a cheerful experience at the annual Areni Wine Festival. During the festival, one of the attractions is a wine producer’s competition with the professionals in this region. Degustation and open-air market with local wines and homemade food. There is a variety of traditional activities to keep everyone entertained for the whole day. Take the opportunity to listen to folk music, dance, and play games with the locals. The festival attracts food and wine lovers from around the world. Drive to Vardenyats Pass to explore the Armenian part of the Great Silk Road to see an interesting historical-architectural medieval monument: a 14thC caravanserai. You will then ride to Lake Sevan, which is the second largest alpine lake in the world.

Overnight in Yerevan (Breakfast).

Day 4


Today is an opportunity to feel like a Yerevan local! It is recommended that you visit the well-known Vernissage market. One may buy beautiful jewelry, souvenirs and pictures of Armenian. At the Tashir agricultural market, you can also sample local fruits and vegetables. In the afternoon, visit the museum of Yerevan Brandy Company ARARAT, and have a taste of their aged brandy at the storehouse. 

Overnight in Yerevan (Breakfast).

Day 5

Transfer to Zvartnots International Airport for your departure flight.

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