5 Must-See Game of Thrones Sights in Dubrovnik

Published on January 22, 2018

Although Westeros isn’t a real place, King's Landing certainly is! It's a lovely seaside city in Croatia and its real name is Dubrovnik.

Filled with beautiful ancient architecture and picturesque narrow streets, this destination is perfect for GoT fans and those who have never seen the show (whoever those people are). Here are five must-see sights you won't want to miss:

The City Walls

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Featured in tons of episodes, these barriers are the reason the showrunners chose this destination for King's Landing. They are immaculately preserved medieval walls that featured many scenes of our favorite characters staring out into the narrow sea. For a small fee, visitors can climb these walls and lap around the entire enclosure, and I can't think of a better way to get to know a city.

Tresteno Arboretum

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This is a beautiful park just outside the city which doubled as the Red Keep's gardens. It features tall hedges and a perfect view of the sea. This location is where fan favorite Lady Olenna plotted several successful and unsuccessful schemes and gave many a side eye and a sassy comment. This is a perfect location for visitors that want to relax with a stunning view.

Fort Lovrijenac

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This location is a two-for-one special as the interiors were used as the halls for the Red Keep and its exteriors were used for shots of Blackwater Bay. Tourists are welcome to explore this ancient fortress, or if you're not up for it, you can marvel at this beautiful castle from any of the fine restaurants around the city.

The Jesuit Stairs

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Located just off St. Dominika Street, this location was the site of the infamous walk of atonement that Cersei Lannister took. You can almost still hear "Shame" as you walk by the stairs – quite possibly because another fan is yelling it out. You can even buy a "shame bell" at some of the souvenir shops and make a whole spectacle of it.

Island of Lokrum

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Last but not least, a trip to King's Landing wouldn’t be complete without the biggest attraction of them all. Game of Thrones fans won't want to miss the most iconic artifact which is located a mere 15-minute ferry ride away. The Iron Throne sits on the Island of Lokrum, and yes, you can sit on it, and you'll go through a lot less trouble than any of the characters did to do so. The island is also filled with colorful peacocks and a famous cliffside swimming spot in the pristine Adriatic Sea.

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