7 animals to run into in Sri Lanka

Published on December 11, 2017

Sri Lanka is known for more than just beautiful beaches, delicious fruits and tea. It has an incredible array of Asia's most exotic animals and a trip to this lovely country wouldn't be complete without some wildlife tourism. 

  1. Asian Elephant 
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    These lovable giants are a main attraction and are known for their gentle personalities and smaller ears. You're likely to run into quite a few at any of the major wildlife parks, including Minneriya National Park, where the elephants famously gather. So be sure to bring a camera for a larger-than-life selfie. 
  2. Sri Lankan Leopard
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    Horton Plains National Park is where to find these beauties and you'll likely catch a glimpse of them walking through the bushes or draping from a tree. Wherever you see one, it's sure to leave a lasting impression.
  3. Golden Jackal
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    This animal closely resembles a dog but don't go trying to pet one. These animals are excellent hunters that hunt in packs or alone and are experts at blending in. If you're sly enough to spot one then pat yourself on the back for your detective skills. They'll usually be wandering city scales and empty spaces in and around Colombo.
  4. Sambar
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    A sambar is a big bulky 270kg deer with large antlers and you're likely to see them at Horton Plains Park as well. Don't be surprised if they don't have antlers, as they shed and grow them back throughout the year.
  5. Chital
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    A visit to the Minneriya National Park, will put you face to face with a more slender and graceful deer, known for its light brown color and spots. These deer look like Bambi and will adorably be grazing and minding their own business as you walk by.
  6. Wild Boar 
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    These 150kg+ boars are less hairy than their European counterparts and are defined by their short strong tusks. You can see them all over any of the national parks, including Horton Plains, in and outside Colombo. They move in large packs eating nuts, fruits, and even small animals. 
  7. Red Faced Macau 
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    Playful, curious, opportunistic and always hungry; watch out for these cute monkeys when you're out and about. These animals are all over temples, homes, shopping centers, as well as national parks. Their increased interaction with humans has led them to mimic human behavior and that's definitely worth seeing. Hold on to your possessions as they are notorious and skilled pickpockets.

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