7 delicacies to make your Euro trip a whole lot tastier

Published on December 06, 2017

You might be able to get around Europe like it's one big country but on a trip like this, you'll come face to face with a plethora of foods from different cultures. Here's the best of the best.

  1. Weiner Schnitzel
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    No trip to Vienna would be complete without trying their main staple. I mean you could try Goulash but trust me; this one is not to be missed. Now, everyone claims to have the best Schnitzel in town and you're going to want to avoid the regular tourist traps and find the most authentic one. Figlmüller is consistently voted best, so head there and get to tasting.
  2. Sachertorte
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    No you haven't had chocolate cake quite like this before. This famous slice is served up at Hotel Sacher where it's been a top attraction for over 140 years. It's a definite must-try in Vienna and given the hotel's prime location; you'll be able to take in the sights while you enjoy this one of a kind, world famous dessert.
  3. Strudeluploaded imageNow that you're in Budapest, an Apple Strudel is the way to go, and again with a dessert this famous, everyone thinks their strudel is the one to rule them all. This is an easy one, head to First Strudel House of Pest and you won't be disappointed. 
  4. Bryndzove Halushky
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    Slovakia is a country that is very much in tune with their rural backgrounds, they offer up these potato dumplings with sheep cheese and bacon. You can get it at Slovak Pub or if it's too crowded, cross the street and head to Viecha U Sedliaka Pub.
  5. Trdelník
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    A Prague Classic, this delicious rolled pastry is served with a dusting of sugar, nuts, or cinnamon. It's made by wrapping pastry dough around a metal rod and cooking it over an open flame. These are made all over Prague but the best is in a spot aptly named Good Food.
  6. Pretzel
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    This is a no brainer since you're in Germany by now and can't wait to wash down some of those pretzels with a tall glass of beer. Beer or not, you'll want to grab one of these famous knotted treats; while they're sold on every street, head to Würzburger Hofbräukeller, an incredible beer garden where the pretzels are absolutely delicious.
  7. Wurst
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    You're in Frankfurt, so get a Frankfurter. Whether you call it a Hot dog, Sausage, or Wurst it’s essential you try one. Head to Ebbelwoi Unser for the best one, and start planning your gym routine for when you head back home.

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