Backpacker’s Guide Around the Planet

Published on March 14, 2017

Planning a trip while on a budget, especially a tight one, can be a bit tricky. However, once you acquire the skills required to travel cheaply, you'll find out how easy it is. If you play your cards right, you will end up enjoying the voyage and fully experiencing the culture and traditional norms of the country you traveled to. Here are a few tips on how to stretch your dollar the absolute maximum.

  • Travel off-season:

When you travel off-season, the price of flights tends to decrease incredibly. You will also find more budget rooms and spend less time in crowded places, allowing you to immerse yourself in the diverse cultures of big cities such as London, Paris, and Rome.

  • Rent a house or an apartment:

For families or big groups of travelers, renting hotel rooms are often pricey. However, if everyone chips in on a small rental condo or a house, you'll save lots of money. Doing this also enables you to buy local produce from cheaper markets, allowing you to cook or go for picnics instead of dining out. Better yet, opt for swapping houses. If you live in a popular destination, join a home-exchange website such as or For an annual fee of about 100 USD, you could swap your home with a fellow traveler, eliminating your accommodation expenses. A piece of advice: it is always a good idea to talk extensively with your fellow swapper, ask for references, and invest in a safe home insurance plan.

  • Book fixed-price packages:

Booking fixed-packages like the ones offered on SuperCoucou offer good deals on interest-based trips. Everything from adventurous traveling to traveling for leisure can be automatically booked. Also, taking group trips is an excellent way to travel with your buddies without breaking your bank account. The best part is, the more people join your trip, the cheaper it gets!


Pick Wisely

When you’re traveling on a budget, picking your destination is also key to reducing costs. Below, you will find a list of countries that you can go to for under 50 USD per day.

1. Cambodia:

Cambodia is one of those countries that you can go to without putting a dent in your bank account. Everything is super cheap. For example, you can get a private air-conditioned room for around 20 USD, local cuisine costs around 2 USD and foreign cuisine cost around 7 USD. If you have a daily budget of 50 USD, then you could be living the high life, lounging on the most beautiful beaches, exploring ruins and taking hikes in the jungles.

2. Portugal:

While many consider Europe to be incredibly expensive, Portugal is very affordable. If you head to Lisbon, you could stay in a 5-star hotel without breaking your wallet. Also, the Portuguese are known for their welcoming hospitality and they tend to serve delicious local foods, along with fabulous local wines, making it every foodie's dream destination. The country is also home to numerous gorgeous beaches, striking cliffs, and historical cities.

3. Peru:

The country's most prominent travel destination is the Incan trail. However, Peru also offers a diverse number of activities such as sailing the Amazon, visiting the beautiful white sandy beaches of Mancora, and exploring the ruins of other Inca destinations like Moray and Choquequirao. The food there is on the cheap side, and it's at its most expensive at 5 USD, private rooms cost around 25 USD, and you can go anywhere in the country for less than 30 USD.

4. Vietnam:

Vietnam is another popular travel destination among budget travelers and tourists. Comfortable accommodation can cost as little as 25 USD; food is as cheap as 8 USD and transportation is relatively cheap, with cab fees costing around 4 USD for a 10-minute ride. You could also save a bundle by delving into the local cuisine and eating delicious street foods instead of dining at touristy restaurants.

4. Thailand: Thailand is an incredibly budget-friendly destination but still, the best way to stay on track of your spending is to go local. You could find accommodation for as little as 15 to 30 USD per night, same goes for what you’d spend at a street stall or at the local market for a meal. But if you decide to eat local street foods, hygiene must always come first so make sure it’s clean and take the local bus to get around.

5. Indonesia:

Being a huge country with a massive archipelago of over 17,000 islands, Indonesia offers such varied natural scenery and countless unique cultures, making it a travel destination for people of all interests. For travelers on a budget, accommodation starts from 6 USD up to 12 USD. Food and drinks are also remarkably cheap with prices ranging from 1 USD to 4 USD per person. Flights from one major island to another go for as low as 50 USD, which is a great bargain if you're spending a considerable amount of time in the country.