First time in Singapore (Part 1)

Published on June 08, 2017

Welcome to Singapore!

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One of the places I’d always wanted to visit. Where to begin?! I went for 6 days but wished I could stay longer. First, let’s talk about accommodation. I was staying at the beautiful Marina Bay Hotel with its famous infinity pool. The view was insane! The service there was amazing, they even greeted me with a chilled glass of champagne on arrival and the casino was pretty impressive. As the world's most expensive standalone casino, it was filled with games I wasn’t familiar with (especially the ones that resemble blackjack). Unfortunately, photography is not allowed inside the casino, but take my word for it - it was AWESOME! Interestingly enough, some of the games involved dominos instead of the standard playing cards  - which I found fascinating. So even if you’re not spending the night at the hotel, this lavish casino is definitely worth a visit.

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As for transportation, I used the tube to get around most of the time. First, I visited Chinatown, which wasn’t as big as I imagined it to be, and there weren’t as many things happening there but I loved the Buddhist temple. After the daily prayers were over, I entered the temple, lit some incense and took a couple of photos with the big guy himself. There was another temple dedicated to Krishna nearby but there was an entrance fee so I just stuck to this one.

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You can't say you've visited a country if you haven't tried at least one of its specialty dishes so while I was there, I tried the local cuisine (obviously!). My favorite dish was the Hainanese Chicken which is a traditional Singaporean dish that consists of boiled chicken with a side of spiced rice and veggies. Even though the chicken was boiled, it was surprisingly flavorful and I really liked the gingery taste of the rice, so much that I couldn’t help but order a second plate.

But that's not all, stay tuned for Part 2 of my adventures in the "Lion City."