Humans Travel

Published on February 19, 2017

"I decided to leave Puebla at night and catch any bus going south of mexico maybe to chapas and they told me in the hostel that the bus is going to be 52$, and that is far away from my budget. On my way out of the hostel, I met 4 Colombian friends I met earlier with a guy who seemed really nice from puebla and after telling my story this kind guy told me that he can give me a ride to the bus terminal, so Memo said you will not find any buses right now, but maybe some companies that are cheap a bit outside the town. He drove me there went to one company but the bus was full, then went to another one that the guy from the first company recommended, and guess what I caught a bus going south to a place called Villahermosa which is near Chapas. Just decide what you want and take the first action and you going to be dragged to your destination or close by as my god dragged me. I also forget to mention that he said to me after thanking him a lot, don't worry you will do good to others and that is how our world will be better this way."

Story by: Abdullah A Elshamy 
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