My trip to Croatia

Published on February 27, 2016

Hi everyone, 

I want to tell you about my trip to Croatia.

My parents were brought up there and it is a great country, so when my cousin said "Hey Maja, wanna go to Croatia in July"? I replied: "Hell yeah".

I drive a convertible, so we decided that weare going to stay at my grandmother's house and enjoy being spoiled. That's right, I said spoiled, because my grandmother cooked for us, she washed our bathing suits, our clothes...she made it better than in a hotel with 5 stars and a free room service.

And OMG, the air!!!

A tip to all of you, if you want to grab some accommodation in Croatia, here's a great website in English, if you're German or Swiss, perhaps you'd like to look at an accommodation in German language. I'm recommending this website because you'd be wrong to stay at a hotel. Croatians are such lovely folk and they are excellent hosts. You will get great service.

So, our firstday we went to Zrce!!!

uploaded image

Here's us drinking 5 euro coctails

uploaded image

It was great fun. we danced and sang and enjoyed.

The car trouble

After we came back from Zrce, it was amazingly simple how a one simple tiny part of a trunk can spoil your whole vacation. Unfortunately, a small part of the roof mechanism got broken and we couldn't pull the top off, so no more wind in the hair and similar. But we didn't let that stop us.


Zadar was amazing when it came to shopping. It was kinda raining and I had very little clothing so we went shopping!!! It also has a very rich history, because face it, Croatia is one of the countries in Eastern Europe who is UNESCO protected to the max.

This is part one, I'll continue writing next year, beacuse guess what, I'm going there this July :)