Phnom Kulen Waterfall

Published on February 20, 2017

Angkor Wat, Cambodia is not a place I honestly can express and do utmost or any justice for that matter when explaining it's beauty. It's something to be experienced and felt. It can take quite some time for you to explore and visit each and every temple, small and large. However, I heard of a waterfall that was way up on a mountain one day and without any second thought went for it. It's quite a ride to get up there, and along the way you'll find local villagers selling palm sugar, which is basically palm syrup that they dry up and eventually cut up to distribute as an efficient alternative for sugar. Not to mention that it's an addictive snack to have in your hand as I exclaimed each time, "last time I swear!"


Phnom Kulen through the triangular swing

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On the way up the green Mountain you have to stop at some point and get a glimpse of the panoramic invasion of green that you'll be seeing. Red and small sweet bananas are sold all along the route upwards, which served as a great introduction for what I was about to enter. As I finally got out of the car, I saw a small waterfall and thought, oh well, enjoy this little one and stay grateful.

The baby waterfall

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However, I was completely oblivious to the fact that there was a rocky staircase that led you down with a small wooden bridge that leads you to the real waterfall that the small one was emptying it's load into. A gigantic canvas of green with the powerful thrust of the water up above smacking down with all its might down to where everyone was swimming in was a sight I wasn't prepared to see. Whatever angle you swim or stand in, you'll inevitably see a rainbow with colors out of the spectrum.


Another world underneath the portal

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I went up on the rocks right underneath the fall and just showered away all my worries. At some point I felt like a hole was being drilled through my head, but I had never experienced a hidden paradise like this before.


Tip toeing underneath the waterfall

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I had my victory dance beneath the fall, absorbed as much of the green surrounding as I can, entranced myself with every rainbow that came across my sight, and laid down on the rock and noticed a halo shape lighting formed around the sun. It's precisely these types of memories when implanted in the storage room of my mind that keep me striving in life, because I bare witnessed that such places exist and several more that I have yet to discover.