Pilot 2013

Published on November 29, 2015

I've been in love with Budapest since 2009 by only the amazing architectural style and how outstanding this city looked in photos; I couldnt have been more excited about my first time to Budapest and Europe in 2013 as an urban planning student, where everything about me has literally changed.

July 21st 2013, As the plane touched down in Budapest I felt like Ive done the most interesting thing that I always wanted to do for four years. A shuttle bus was waiting for me and the other students to drive us to our accommodation in the up hill 12th district, a 60 minutes drive through the heart of budapest was probably the best thing to be done when you first visit it.

By the time we arrived to the accommodation it was almost sunset, after normal post traveling routines of unpacking and showering, I was mentally ready to have the walk I dreamed of, where everything was better than photos actualy. The best privilege in Hungary is diversity, it never repels your desires, if youre seeking a metropolitan or night life; simply stick to Budapest where you can quench your thirst with endless sights to see and parties to lose your head off at, but there is way more beyond this.

cities were almost never alike, each one had its own taste, atmosphere and something special to make step it up among the others, and to make it kind of specified for what one want to enjoy. Balatonfüred and Siófok are the target of swimmers and lake lovers, where Miskolc is the city of cave bath Tapolca for chill lovers, and Pécs is the calm city to enjoy riding a bicycle in the downtown.

After finishing the course earlier than expected, I had almost two free weeks,here's where I decided to pin some other cities on my wall map, booked a cheap flight to Milan, packed my backpack and flew to Milan where big markets, Gothic architecture and the unique planning. 

After three days enjoying Milan it was time to visit the magical Venice, although its super expensive that I couldnt even afford a decent meal there, but it was yet amazing just to walk it down, a place so amazing that you cant even think of living there, it feels like a massive studio built precisely just to attract tourists, Venice is a treasure for those who are interested in architecture or urban designing, yes even breathing there costs a lot, but its like no other.

With a heavy heart Ive left this little piece of heaven and took a bus to the city of lights..Paris. Spent four elegant days with the strongest flu Ive ever had in my life, believe it or not, Paris is so typical and for me its a bit overrated, beautiful with art at every corner but very inexplicably expensive and full of scams..or maybe I just dont feel comfy with it because I missed my flight back to Budapest and had to sleep two days in the subway because Ive spent all my money to that last cent on a bus back..you can Imagine.

After this trip that I barely remember its details, I came out assured about three things, one that I will always travel, two that I will let people know how amazing and not that complicated to handle a trip financially and mentally on your own, and three is that Ive never loved or enjoyed anything like hitting a road to somewhere, no matter what place this is.