Choosing a travel destination is based on what you want to do and what your interests are. Are you a history buff who loves to learn about various cultures? An adventurer with a sense of exploration and a need of an adrenaline rush? Or a party animal who loves indulging in the diverse pleasures of life? Whatever it is you're looking for, there are numerous places and travel destinations that will exceed your travel expectations.
We’d like to learn more about you. What do you like?

I Like History

Are you fascinated with the old civilisations, ancient ruins and the world's history in general? Being avid travelers ourselves, we have chosen destinations you should cross off your bucket list. Don't stay at home, you're just a click away from so many amazing historical sites!
Travel spots for history buffs

I’m Fascinated by Modern Culture

Are you interested in the architecture of the 20th century? Perhaps you’re a huge movie fan or a child at heart who wants to see Disney's characters come to life? Are you interested in seeing just how fast Japanese trains go? This chapter will have you reaching for your passport right away.
Dive into modern cultures

I’m Interested in Partying

We at SuperCoucou say: "You’re never too old to party!" Regardless of your taste in music, great parties have one thing in common: lots of dancing. If you’re a party lover, you must’ve already visited some of these destinations, but we've managed to sneak in some you are yet to discover.
Party-hopping around the World

I’d Like an Active Holiday

Are you an avid skier? Perhaps you dream about visiting a jungle and seeing wild animals in their natural habitat. Maybe you're even interested in an adventure? Boy, do we have some cool locations we'd like you to visit. Read this chapter and start packing.
Different ways to Explore Nature

I’d Like to Splurge
When it comes to holidays, you spare no expense. You want to be pampered and you don't care how much it costs. Well, these locations are expensive, but they are definitely worth a visit. Read this chapter and grab those suitcases.
How to Travel in Luxury

I’m on a Tight Budget
Who says you need to spend a fortune when traveling? We don't. There are so many breathtaking, yet affordable locations you may not know of, and we presented them to you in this article. If you need further advice to help you manage your budget, make sure you read our chapter on saving money.
Backpacker’s Guide around the Planet

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